In recent years, there has been a growing recognition that many vegans are fans of real ale and not everyone wants bits of fish or egg added to their pint. Although there have always been alternative ways to clear and filter beer, pubs and breweries have started to label their vegan ales, making the world a much richer (and blurrier) place for vegans.

Magpie Brewery

Produces bottled ales, all of which are vegan. Owner of The Crafty Crow pub and Doctor's Orders micropub.

Doctor's Orders

A micropub on Mansfield Road in Carrington, owned by the Magpie Brewery. Vegan cask ales are usually available.

Flipside Brewery

Brewer of craft ales. All bottled ales are vegan. Tours of the brewery are available. Beers available in their online store.

Beer Dock

A shop and micropub offering bottled ales to drink in or take away. Many vegan options (though they aren't labelled - ask the staff for assistance).

Brew Cavern

Bottled ale shop with many vegan options.


Bottled beer from local and international micro-breweries. Vegan ale available.

The Barrel Drop

A cask ale micropub that labels vegan beers. Situated in Hurts Yard (a narrow alleyway leading from Upper Parliament Street down to Angel Row).

Beeston Hop

A nano-brewery with a range of bottled beer, all of which is vegan (other than honey beers). Beers are available from The Brew Cavern and The Barrel Drop.

Totally Tapped

Micropub with vegan ale

400 Rabbits

All-vegan cocktail bar