Bluebird Wholefoods

Bluebird Wholefoods is a 100% vegan shop in Sherwood. The shop sells wholefoods, snacks, sandwiches, non-leather shoes, cruelty-free cosmetics, gifts, household supplies and much more.

Screaming Carrot

Vegan bakery and wholefood shop. Lovely cakes, pasties, etc.

Natural Food Company

Well stocked wholefood shop near Victoria Centre. Excellent deli counter.

Green Emporium

Environmentally friendly home, health and baby products


Well-stocked wholefood shop.

The Fruit Basket

Greengrocer and wholefood shop. Not much ready-to-eat food.

Out Of This World

Organic shop (not vegetarian but sells wholefoods)

Holland & Barrett

Larger stores have wholefoods, frozen products and ready-to-eat foods.

Oriental Mart

Asian supermarket


Asian supermarkets

Sharif & Sons

Indian supermarket

Bingham Natural Food & Therapy Centre

Situated in the centre of the village of Bingham, the shop stocks a wide range of products from supplements and herbal remedies to body care, aromatherapy products and ambient chilled and frozen foods.