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Sobar is an alcohol-free bar run as a community project to by a drug and alcohol addiction charity.
As well as non-alcoholic drinks, they serve food, with some vegan options including breakfast and burgers.

It's a great place to meet friends without the pressure to drink.

Additional Information

Light meals
Opening hours: Sunday
9:30AM - 5PM (Food 9AM - 3PM)
Opening hours: Saturday
9AM - 6:30PM (Food 9AM - 5:30PM)
Opening hours: Friday
8AM - 6PM (Food 9AM - 3PM)
Opening hours: Thursday
8AM - 6PM (Food 9AM - 3PM)
Opening hours: Wednesday
8AM - 6PM (Food 9AM - 3PM)
Opening hours: Tuesday
8AM - 6PM (Food 9AM - 3PM)
Opening hours: Monday
8AM - 6PM (Food 9AM - 3PM)
Vegan status
Meat-selling food business with vegan options
Covid info
Reopening 1st October


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22-24 Friar Lane, Nottingham NG1 6DQ, UK

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